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Solar Panel Pool Heating

Solar pool heating systems are by far the most cost effective way to heat the large amounts of water in your swimming pool. We install Solar pool heating systems. We can install panels on your roof or on a rack system. You can heat your pool water into the high 80’s to low 90’s, where most of our customers like it. Most home owners can’t afford to maintain these temperatures using electric or gas. You can also extend your swimming season at no extra cost. Gas and electric systems require great amounts of energy which have never ending rising costs and are not environmentally friendly.

Solar pool systems have a low install cost and costs zero to operate. Life expectancy of a solar system is much greater than gas or electric systems and requires very low maintenance.

Going Green is Free!

Besides the pure satisfaction of producing your own clean energy, helping to create a cleaner America and reduce or eliminate your energy costs, check out these sweet deals!

Take advantage of state rebates:

Check for federal tax credits:

Sell your alternative energy credits for the energy you produce:


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