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Use the suns free clean energy to heat your hot water. Solar water heating systems date back to the 1800?s. With today?s technology we can install highly efficient systems at reasonable costs. Solar water heaters provide a quick return on your investment. Heating your hot water on average is about 25% of your electric bill, the second largest energy user in the home.

Solar thermal systems can also be hooked into the boilers to reduce your overall oil and gas usage. This type of system will heat your hot water winter and summer, and also reduce your heating costs. Solar thermal systems are very efficient summer and winter, our regions cold temperatures do not affect the performance of the system.

We install different types of hot water systems. We will evaluate your home and needs and recommend the most cost effective and efficient system that best meets your needs. We use the technology of drain back systems where suitable or we use glycol pressurized systems. Two types of collectors are also used, either flat plate collectors or evacuated tube collectors. The hot water generated into the collectors is stored in specially designed and insulated solar hot water tanks. We will design your system to the appropriate size to meet your hot water usage.

With the present solar incentives, your final price is reduced by about 50%. The state offers 25% off installed price up to a $2,000.00 rebate. The federal tax credit is 30% off installed price. To receive the state rebate you must have a PA certified installer, as we are, install your system. We will do a preliminary application for your rebates.

Going Green is Free!

Besides the pure satisfaction of producing your own clean energy, helping to create a cleaner America and reduce or eliminate your energy costs, check out these sweet deals!

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