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Solar attic fans are the most cost effective way to properly ventilate your attic. Proper ventilation is vital to reduce your heating and cooling costs, also creates proper circulation to release trapped moisture and increases life span of your roof. These fans will give you many years of maintenance free service and will cost zero to operate.


Solar lighting is also known as tube lights or day-lighting. These solar tube units come in a variety of sizes. They consist of a small clear dome on your roof hooked to a highly polarized reflective tube which is hooked to a trim ring in your ceiling. These units will bring great amount of free lighting into dark rooms during the daytime. This is a very inexpensive way to reduce your rising utility costs.

Going Green is Free!

Besides the pure satisfaction of producing your own clean energy, helping to create a cleaner America and reduce or eliminate your energy costs, check out these sweet deals!

Take advantage of state rebates:

Check for federal tax credits:

Sell your alternative energy credits for the energy you produce:


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